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New Owner To-Do List

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Read the Master Trust and Deed

This can be found on the Files page. Some files may be password-protected, so you may need to ask us for
the password.

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New Owner To-Do List

HOA Fees

Monthly Fees

  • Andover units: $423

  • Belmont units: $346

  • Concord units: $371

  • Affordable housing

HOA Fee Rules

  • You must pay your HOA fee on or before the 1st of every month. You may prepay.

  • Fees are considered late after the 15th of the month. If that happens, we will assess a late charge of 5% of your HOA fee.


  • Make your checks payable to CLARKS HILL HOA.

  • Either:

    • mail it to 32 Clarks Hill Ln, Framingham, MA 01702, or

    • drop your check in the slot for #32 at our mailbox kiosk.

  • You may also pay by Venmo @CLARKSHILL-HOA

CHV venmo QR code_edited.jpg

Financial Documents

The HOA charges $75 to supply any financing documentation if it requires a trustee's confirmation or signature. This typically includes a 6D certificate, and may include other documents required by a lender. Please note that we typically need at least two weeks to provide this information.

HOA Fees


  • Weekly on Tuesdays

  • Trash and recycling containers must be:

    • on the street by 7 AM, and

    • off the street at the end of trash day.
      They obstruct the free movement of cars and pedestrians on our narrow lane and sidewalks.

  • Waste Management 

    • (508) 549-8920

  • CHV is a commercial account.

  • Call them immediately if your trash is not picked up.

  • If you want to dispose of any special items, make separate arrangements with Waste Management for pickup and payment. And, email us to let us know at


  • 100% of the trash needs to be inside your trash bins with the lid down.

  • No overflow

  • No trash outside the bins

    • You may put extra trash in a neighbor’s trash bin. (This does not cost us more.)

Waste Management charges us for a violation of these rules.

If we are charged extra for your trash, we will assess your unit for that charge.


Landscaping and Snow Removal


Green Landscape Lawn Service



We call the contractor to plow the driveways and clear the walks after it snows, provided there is enough snow to warrant it.


The grass is mowed weekly in season. Leaves and debris are cleaned up once in the fall and once in the spring.


The trustees schedule these to run as needed. We try to maintain a balance between keeping our plants healthy and keeping water usage and water bills low.



  • You should purchase your own road salt to use between storm cleanings.

  • Salt is also available at our mailboxes. Please take a moment to spread some salt there when it is icy. 

  • You should clear the snow from your back deck or patio, especially against the house and around the door. This protects the foundation and helps prevents leaks.


You need approval from the trustees before you plant anything, even if you are paying for it yourself. Start by sending us a written proposal of what you want to do, including a diagram.

Landscaping and Snow Removal

Interior Work


  • You can hire your own contractor for interior work, but they must meet the qualifications.

  • The HOA has an agreement with a local contractor who can perform the work or identify qualified vendors. Send us an email for more information.


  • To protect all of us from legal consequences and before any work begins, the HOA Trust and Deed require that all contractors who work on our units must provide current and valid certificates for: 

    • Workmens’ Compensation and

    • General Liability Insurance.

  • Please copy the trustees and contact us if you have questions at

Unit Exteriors and Community Grounds

Common Areas

All the outdoor area directly outside all units is the common property of the HOA. This means it is owned by all of us. The common areas are there for you to enjoy. However, if you damage the grass, plants, trees, or structure of those areas, even the ones right next to your unit, you are responsible for the cost to repair it.

Rules for
Common Areas

  • Before you use community spaces for large events, you must:

    • submit a written request to the HOA for approval and

    • tell your neighbors about your plans.

  • You must clean up after any gathering.

Think carefully about placing anything on the ground that might kill the grass or cause other damage, such as tents, inflatables, pools, etc. If you do, remove them as quickly as possible after you are through.

Unit Exteriors

The exterior of each unit is the property and responsibility of the HOA.

  • You cannot add, remove, or change anything on the exterior of your unit without the approval of the trustees.

  • Let us know if there is an exterior repair that needs to be addressed by emailing

Rules for
Unit Exteriors

Exterior changes that require approval include (but are not limited to):​

  • video cameras

  • shrubbery and flowers

  • doorbell cameras

  • seasonal decorations/flags/lights

Submit a written request to the HOA for approval before you install anything on the outside of your unit.

Seasonal Decorations

These include flags, lights, and similar ornaments. The HOA by-laws prohibit this kind of decorating. However, flags and lights have been allowed if “tasteful” for a short period of time. Please remove seasonal or celebratory decorations promptly (e.g., take down your Christmas lights in January).

Interior Work
Unit Exteriors and Community Grounds

Other Information


  • Dogs may never bark outside for any length of time.

  • Please don’t ever leave your dog outside alone. An unattended dog cannot be controlled nor protected from predators that hunt and roam throughout our community.

  • Dogs must always be on a leash outside with no exception, regardless of training or potential barriers to escape from the outside of our units.

  • Please clean up dog waste and properly dispose of it.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Once per year, we hire an outside company to test our fire suppression (sprinkler) systems. This is required for our master insurance policy as well our safety. You are responsible for the cost. We plan all unit inspections for a single day which lowers the cost considerably. In 2020 the cost was $100/unit when inspected on the appointed day, and $250/unit when scheduled separately.

We will notify you well in advance of the date which is usually in August. Please make every effort to allow the inspectors access to your unit on inspection day.

Any infractions or need for repair is your responsibility. 

Rental Rules

  • Notify the HOA if you are planning to rent your unit.

  • Provide the renter contact information to the HOA as soon as possible.

  • You are responsible for making sure your renters know and abide by the Condo By-Laws. This is in the Master Deed and Trust. You can download this document on the Files page.





There is no parking on Clarks Hill Lane. Two tires on the sidewalk and two tires on the street is still parking on our street. Please inform your guests that they may park only in your driveway, on the road near the entrance to our community, or in the surrounding parking lots. Violators may be towed without warning. 

How do I pay my condo fee with Venmo?*

  1. Download the Venmo app.

  2. Open the app.

  3. Choose a sign-up method.

  4. Verify your phone number and email address.

  5. Add and verify your bank account. For more info on this, see Verifying Your Bank Account.

  6. On the home screen, select Pay Guest.

  7. Add @CLARKSHILL-HOA as a recipient.

  8. Enter the amount to pay.

  9. In the What's it for? field, enter your unit number, the month, and HOA. For example, "U12 FEB2020 HOA"

  10. Click Pay. A screen with a summary of the payment opens.

  11. At the bottom of the screen, click the field that says "Pay Clarks Hill HOA $nnn".

Going forward, you'll just click on Clarks Hill HOA, enter the amount and the What's it for? info, and click Pay as described above.

* As of December 2020

Venmo How to Pay
Other Information
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